$4.99 and $12.99 Generic Drug Plan

Skaff’s Corner Pharmacy Savings Program is an incredible way to save money on your medications.
The program is completely FREE and open to any patient receiving a generic medication that is on our list. You do not need to be a member and do not need to pay an annual fee to take advantage of our program.
The program consists of HUNDREDS of the most common generic medications and dosages and will continue to expand.
The Savings Program offers a 30 day supply for $4.99. You can save even more by receiving a 90 day supply for $12.99!
If your medication and/or dosage is not on our list, we can work with your physician to help you save money by switching to a therapeutically similar medication and/or dosage approved by your physician.
In most cases, the Savings Program offers prices less than insurance co-pays or mail order.
With the Savings Program, great value for your medication is just unbeatable! To add to this great program, we pick-up your new prescriptions and deliver the medications to your home for FREE

For more information or to receive a complete list of medications on the program please contact us!